Texas Dental Clinic is located in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico and have been providing specialized, high quality dental treatments for more than 10 years. Their services include Cosmetic Dentistry, Extreme Make-Overs, Implants, Oral Sedation, Orthodontics, Periodontics, and General Dentistry.
We are the only center in the Dominican Republic in GRAPHENO use with innovative robotic technologies and precision in dentistry,exclusive for our patients.
Whether you need an extreme makeover or just a simple filling, Stetic Implant & Dental Centers is the right choice for your dental care in Mexico. ​Since 2009 thousands of US and Canadian patients have discovered the secret to reliable dental care at low Stetic prices when searching for dental implants in Mexico.
Using only the highest premium bio compatible, the newest materials and techniques as well as having a staff with over 13 years Worth’s of experince we are more than qualified to truly care for our patients here at BioDental Care. Not only are we providing you with the highest possible esthetic, traditional as well as holistic dental care at an amazing price, we strive for our patients full satisfaction and over all well-being.
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